Message from our West Littleton Councillor

Hello All


The Coronavirus is causing many difficulties and uncertainties for us all – so now is the time to help each other. The leaders of the Parish Council, Churches, local businesses and other organisations in Tormarton and West Littleton have got together to organise support for anyone who may need help.


In West Littleton, we are fortunate in that we are small enough to all know each other and we already have a well proven communication channel in our village group email. I am sure we will all want to help our neighbours if anyone is in isolation and/or needs help with shopping, cooking, deliveries, prescriptions or just a person to chat with in the coming weeks and months. Anyone needing any help at all can email the group or phone a neighbour or me (892447 or 07958 720120) and we will organise help for you.


Tormarton is obviously a larger village with more residents and we are therefore putting in place a pool of volunteers who are willing to provide help and support for people in our community. I attach a poster which gives details of this service and who to contact. Please feel free to use this service or to volunteer in addition to our own West Littleton resources/group email.



Katy On behalf of Tormarton Parish Council