The Frankcom Family


Frankcom Family Chart



Research into the FRANKCOM family memorial provided a great deal of information on how the families described on this and the many of the other memorials in the church are linked.  The resources researched included wills and parish registers, and from these came the following details, as described below and as can be seen on the chart.
Mr Francis FRANKCOM was born abt 1700 and died 14th October 1748.  He married Elizabeth (aka Betty) who was born around 1717 and died September 1789.  Francis and Betty had five children Alice, Edith, Frances, Richard and Dorothy.   It is at this generation that many of the links with the other local families occurs.

  • 1) Alice FRANKCOM (1745-1769) was baptised in West Littleton and buried at Sherston Magna, Wiltshire.  She married William HILLIER on 18 August 1768 and they had one child William who was baptised September 1769.   He later married Sarah Osborne his first cousin. 

  • 2) Edith FRANKCOM (1741-1782) married James OSBORNE, and they had six children including Sarah OSBORNE who married William HILLIER (as described above).  
  • Frances FRANKCOM (1749-1822) was the second wife of James OSBORNE after the death of her sister Edith.

  • 3) Richard FRANKCOM (1739-1787) married Elizabeth Tyler on the 17 January 1766 at Marshfield which was her home parish. They had no children. Elizabeth is described on the memorial (above) aged 62 and she is buried at Marshfield churchyard

  • 4) Dorothy FRANKCOM (1743-1824) married Isaac HOLBOROW and they had three children (see the HOLBOROW family research page for further information).    (NB.  Dorothy Anne HOLBOROW who married Thomas Osborne Hillier was the daughter of Isaac HOLBOROW and grand-daughter of Isaac and Dorothy.  These details are shown on the HOLBOROW and Hillier family research pages)