St James Church from Village Green


This came up earlier in the year when we were approached by the Gloucestershire County History Trust to see if there was any interest in supporting the project to research the history of the village. This would form part of the Victoria County History (VCH) of Gloucestershire. For more information and further details of the Trust, please visit the website:

The good news is that sufficient funds have been identified for the project to go ahead. The Trust has appointed Dr Simon Draper ( to lead the research and he will be supported by Dr John Chandler who is a consultant editor for the VCH Wiltshire. The work will start in October 2020 and should be completed within 6 months. The results will be posted on-line with the opportunity to comment as the work proceeds. Whilst the aim is for this to be included as West Littleton's entry in Volume 14 of the VCH Gloucestershire, we hope that it will also be available as a self-contained booklet.

The total cost of the project will be £11.5k. Some of this will be covered by the Trust itself and the South Gloucestershire Council is expected to contribute. The balance required from donors is £7k which when Gift Aid is considered reduces to £5.6k. Over half of this has been raised already and we have a generous offer to cover any shortfall. However, if you would like to donate to the project then please contact VCH via If you do so, then please mention that it is for the VCH history of West Littleton.

The researchers would very much like the opportunity to talk to people in the village and would also welcome some volunteer support. If you are interested then please contact John Chandler at:


Victoria County History research under way

South Glos Researchers

Work on the history began in earnest on 1 October, when John Chandler (left) met up with Simon Draper (right) to refine the plan of action. John has already begun studying the landscape history of the village, while Simon will be working through most of the documentary sources.