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The next Madrigals concert scheduled to be given by the Bristol University Madrigal Ensemble on 13th March 2020 has been cancelled. Copied below are the communications which lay out the reasons for this cancellation and the hopes for a new event this year if circumstances allow.


From St James PCC to Bristol Madrigal Ensemble

Dear Roger

Sadly we have decided and backed by medical advice that it would be unwise to go ahead with the concert on Friday. The corona virus situation is getting worse day by day and given that the majority of those attending the concert and supper will fall into the vulnerable older age bracket it just does not seem sensible to proceed. I am so sorry about that as I know you have been rehearsing hard and that your annual visit to West Littleton is something of a highlight in your calendar. We are all bitterly disappointed as I am sure you will be. But I hope you understand.


You have talked in the past about perhaps coming here one afternoon or evening in the summer just to sing in the church. That invitation is always open if you would like to come although I know how busy the summer is for you. Whatever, we hope that you will put us in the diary for March 2021 so that we can continue the 35 year plus tradition of the Ensemble’s West Littleton Concert. With best wishes to you all for the coming months. David


Bristol Madrigal Ensemble's Reply

Hi David

So sorry to hear this, it will be a great loss for our calendar this year. That said, I completely understand your position, and I agree with you completely. Not only is the virus badly affecting us now, we also never know what the situation could be like by the end of the week, so I think it's very sensible to cut our losses now.


I think we should see how the situation develops over the coming months, and reschedule based on the medical advice - at present it seems that the next phase of the Government strategy is to delay a major outbreak until the summer, which may well rule out a summer concert. That said, I will continue to monitor the health advice and suggest a potential replacement event based on that. Of course, the event is already firmly in the diary for March 2021! I hope I'll be able to be in touch again soon with suggestions. I let the group know earlier, and we all wish you well and hope that we can reschedule something soon as this is always a real highlight. Many thanks and best wishes. Roger