Item Amount (£)
Lloyds TSB Current A/C 10,531.30
CAF Deposit A/C 0.00
Investment 35,500.00
Total Net Assets 46,031.29
* * * * * * *
Planned Giving 3,570.00
Church Collections 3,649.64
Donations 1,400.00
Gift Aid - Tax Refund 2,203.77
Offertory Box 23.78
Sales of Booklets 0.00
Madrigals 920.00
Gardens Open 2,593.81
Harvest Supper 258.50
Bank Interest 43.40
Wayleave Rent 16.05
Service Fees 0.00
Total Income 14,678.95
Costs of Generating Income
Madrigal Expense 450.00
Gardens Open 65.46
Donations 75.00
Parish Share 6,600.00
Rural Deanery 20.00
Clergy Expenses 409.60
Insurance 715.65
Organ Repairs 125.00
Electricity 418.11
Harvest Supper 50.00
Church Supplies 874.43
Organist 25.00
Visiting Clergy 0.00
Accounts Examiner 14.99
Total Costs for Year 9,843.24
Excess of Income over Expenditure 4,835.71
* * * * * * * * *
Transfer to Fabric Fund -315.00
General Fund End Year Balance 42,383.47


Name Position
Reverend Sally Wheeler Chairman
David Adams Churchwarden and acting Secretary
Carolyn Adams
Christopher Bell
James Golob
Michael Horgan Treasurer
Alan Young
Sally Young Safeguarding Representative
Harry Lawrence
Beccy Derry-Evans Churchwarden des


Mr D N Adams
Mrs C A Adams
Mr C C Bell
Mr PJ Beer
Mrs MLS Beer
Mrs J M Bush
Mr S Bush
Mr Thomas Driver
Mr J Dickerson
Mr Robert Derry-Evans
Mrs Beccy Derry-Evans
Mrs Laura Driver
Mrs V Dickerson
Mrs M E Edwards
Miss S M Exell
Mrs V E Fuge
Mr J S Golob
Mrs C Gryspeerdt
Mr M Horgan
Mrs P Horgan
Mrs H Knight
Mr H W Lawrence
Mrs A H Meade
Mrs J Orchard
Mr T Orchard
Mr C A Palmer
Mrs K A Pool
Mr R J Pool
Mrs J Ross
Mr N Ross
Mr A R Young
Ms C Hughes
Mr J Sprake
Mrs S M Young
(36 Members)